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Race rai rai cup 2020 series


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Every third Sunday of the month volunteers gather at the Kakuda trail for maintenance at 8 o'clock.

From 10 o'clock it's race time!

MTBs, CX bikes, gravel bikes.

The usual race report link and cut and paste below.

Cheers, Andy

「Rai Rai Cup 2020 stage 3 race report」

the Rai Rai Cup is held on every third sunday of the month at the Kakuda trail

course maintenance from 8 o'clock

race on from 10 o'clock!

three laps of the super long course

my third time to join the race

☆first time
21:30, 22:12, 21:59

☆second time
17:27, 17:28, 17:45

☆third time?

two weeks ago
with race condition
I did a 16:15 PB

entering the 16 club earns me a 3 minute handicap

5 riders set off 3 minutes after the first group

・3,2,1 GO!

Ito san setting the pace
always a fast starter!

following the wheels
motivation to ride hard

a gap opens

the next motivation is

Umiguchi san from behind

then in front

the master of pacing!

a new bunny hop log

looks like Ito san has crashed out!

even monkey's fall from trees!

・lap 2

as Umiguchi san presses on

Ito san is now pushing me from behind

but then he's gone

another crash?
tonight's beer will be worth it!

・lap 3

lap 3 is always the hardest


heavy legs
and a dizzy head

like skiing
the last run is where you crash out

focus on keeping upright!


☆third time
16:43, 17:03, 17:18


dead on the last lap
but CX races are 30 minute efforts

so the the pace for two laps is good

in a time when races are being cancelled

we are lucky to have events like this

thank you everyone!

bring on stage 4!
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