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Racing/Cycling Goals for 2011


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May 25, 2009
Well the racing season is at an end and many of us are in rest and recover mode before starting base training for the 2011 season, so thw question is

What are you Racing/Cycling Goals for 2011?
There's no season in commuting. And the goal? Pretty modest, to survive R246 another year. :D
This was my first year in the last 7 that I didn't enter a race.

So far, I have only ridden just over 4000km this year and 1000 of that was back in January. :eek:

My fitness has gone and with that speed and strength.
The past few months at night training I regularly get dropped and coming last where as the previous 2 years I had been winning close to 50% of the sprints and races.

It was nice to have a year off racing but I really wanted to ride much much more.

Work is getting busier too and looks like getting much busier. :(

2011 I plan to race again, which will mean serious training and miles.
My first big race will be the Tour Of Japan down at Oi wharf in May as a warm up for Hitachinaka. If I get some good work in over Winter I will race Kawagoe as well.

May have to commute more to get there.
My plan for 2011:

  • Proper 2010-2011 base training and build during the off season
  • Identify and work on my core weaknesses – Strength and Focus, wattage
  • Enter more UCI 2.2 and 2.1 races and gain more UCI points in the 2011 season, Africa, France, and Canada.
  • Depending on how the structure changes for the 2011 season get promoted to TR.
  • Win races.
In ascending order of difficulty:

  1. Enter a race a month (maybe tricky with a second baby due next April).
  2. Break 8 hours for Tokyo~Itoigawa.
  3. Become the national time trial champion.
  4. Drink less, sleep more.

Do that bloody drop on the Hinode MTB route. I know it's rideable but keep bottling it.
Not sure I've got all my goals fixed yet, but I feel like I need to make up for lost time, after 2 injuries keeping me off the bike Jan/Feb and again mid-May to mid-July this year, with 6-8 weeks of recovery each time once I started riding, and too much work, too many late nights and not enough sleep. So here are some goals for 2011:

1. Transalp June 26 to July 2, Sonthohen (Bavaria) to Arco (Italy). Get better placement overall and in the Masters group than in 2009, and faster times on stages 1, 2 and 4 -- each of which is exactly the same route as in 2009, and don't slow down my teammate (MOB - Michael Kraehe). Sign up is December 1, Noon CET online. A great event, so anyone who is interested or has questions, let me know. Only 2 person teams permitted. Details here:

2. Either L'Etape du tour (both stages -- http://www.letapedutour.com/ ) and/or Paris-Brest-Paris ( http://www.paris-brest-paris.org/pbp2011/index-en.php ). I only got 1800 official Brevet kms this year, due to injuries and work, whereas you needed 3200 km to "max out" for a PBP slot, so it seems questionable whether I can get a slot from Japan for PBP 2011. I will keep my fingers crossed. Too bad, since if I do not, it will be held next in 2015. Then again, there are other 1200 km events ... maybe even better ones. If it looks like I have a chance at a slot, I'll need to do 200, 300, 400 and 600 km Brevets in the Spring ... so that will need to be my focus, but still time to slip in ...

3. Tokyo - Itoigawa. I hope to do this again, and would be happy to finish in under 12:27 hours ... my 2008 time. Under 12:00? 11:30 maybe? Not quite in a class with TCC riders.

4. JCRC. Due to the somewhat complex explanation and the JCRC ranking/placement system, I am now, undeservedly but officially, in the JCRC "C" class following my mixed performance at Saiko. If I had raced in the C-3 heat instead of C-2, I would probably be in "E" or "F" class. My goal is to appear in both Saiko plus at least one other JCRC race in 2011, and somehow manage not to get dropped from C class. But I think I'll wait until after the other goals are accomplished, so I don't ruin my (cycling) year if I crash. For a Japanese explanation of the fate of the C-3 heat, see http://www.jcrc-net.jp/kekka10/1011/s1011.html

But first, I need to be able to get up the hills faster. So I'll need to lose some weight (as usual). At least I hope and expect to start 2011 at 95-97 kg (I'm at 97 today), whereas last year I started at 103, and was still there in the summer (down some during the Spring brevets, but back up after my May injury). By June 26, I want to be 90-92 kg, whereas in 2009 I started Transalp at 97-98 kg.

Drop the JCRC an e-mail they will drop you down a catergory if requested. I suggest you race the Gunma 100km. It's later on in the year around November I think but there is no DNF if you get lapped.
Well, I could ask them to drop me down ... but then I would fail one of my goals before the year had even started. The Gunma race sounds perfect.
Well, I could ask them to drop me down ... but then I would fail one of my goals before the year had even started. The Gunma race sounds perfect.

You could do X and then they'll place you where you are deserved which may again be in C if you ride well.

I'm in C and need to do a lot of work if I'm going to be staying there. I think though B & A are much safer as there are many beginners who get slotted into C after strong X results.

B seems to be very competitive now with them quite often outpacing the A class.
Our best rider went from D to C but thought it was all too dangerous (didn't race in C) and then jumped straight to A and won his first entry there into S. He now most only races JBCF.

I'm actually entitled to drop down a rank as I didn't race this year. I don't want to go back to D though and am only going to do a C race if I know I can be competitive. Lots of hard work before my next race.
Don't know if this is relevant, put I was placed in provisional C class based on my first Saitama TT, but had no problem entering later (mass-start) races as a D (because I thought that better reflected my real level.)
Ahhhh our 6th place at Saiko would have promoted you up a class David...we were a bit quick!

Drop the JCRC an e-mail they will drop you down a catergory if requested. I suggest you race the Gunma 100km. It's later on in the year around November I think but there is no DNF if you get lapped.

Yes, they would definitely place you lower if you ask - since you didn't make it into C by actually winning.

For sure they DNF you if you are lapped in Gunma. Just look at all the DNFs this year. Last year, I barely managed to avoid this fate. Got dropped by the peleton half way into the 72km (D-class) and had to do the rest on my own. It was a matter of just half a minute and I would have been lapped. And in the last lap, I then had to be sufficiently fast to gain my 60 points for not falling below 10% of the 10th. My toughest race ever, at least mentally.
Just one goal...

To lose 8kg by next April, and break 40 minutes at Kusatsu.
After that, I'll be happy to turn into Humpty-Dumpty for the rest of the year
In May, my son will finish pre-school and I'll finally be able to go back to commuting by bicycle again after two years of taking him to school by train every morning. After that, my goal will be to get back into shape so that by 2012 I'm ready to start doing events again.
1. Well, after two 2nd places, one 3rd place, and two 8th places, since I made a comeback in May after 22 years off the bike, the obvious goal for my is going to be the first win.... BTW, my last race in 1988 was a win!
2. Reduce the booze.:eek:
3 Train shorter and faster... this suits the Japanese Crit scene. :bike:
BTW Ludwig, congrats on your progression into B class...


On the one hand it is nice to be finally in a class with only experienced riders which makes the races much safer, on the other hand, B-class races are really long and hard and require really dedicated training to stand a chance to keep up with the peleton in all but complete flat races. So a mixed blessing. But standing on the podium at Saiko and getting some goodies was again a nice feeling, and that without entering a single race after my win in the same place a year earlier.
Do every 'day trip toge'... first I need to make a list or a map (thanks HF Mike for posting that one). Certainly, not all at once! (Otarumi, Kobu tunnel, Kazahari, Tsuru, Imagawa, Matsuhime, Akiyama, Doshi Michi, Green Line... etc.

Loose another 5 kg.
Do one hillclimb and one brevet.
Go on or lead more group rides.
Average one 200km+ ride a month.

Work on the long term goal to cycle every prefecture in Japan.
Here's the prefecture break down...
16 prefectures done. 6 planned for the winter tour. So, 22 down: 25 to go.

1. Hokkaidō

2. Aomori (2008/2010)
3. Iwate (2008)
4. Miyagi (2008)
5. Akita (2010)
6. Yamagata (2010)
7. Fukushima (2010)


8. Ibaraki (2010)
9. Tochigi (2008/10)
10. Gunma (2008)
11. Saitama (2010)
12. Chiba (2008)
13. Tokyo (always)
14. Kanagawa (2009/10)


15. Niigata
16. Toyama
17. Ishikawa
18. Fukui
19. Yamanashi (every weekend)
20. Nagano (2010)
21. Gifu
22. Shizuoka (2010)
23. Aichi (winter 2010)


24. Mie (winter 2010)
25. Shiga
26. Kyoto
27. Osaka
28. Hyōgo
29. Nara (winter 2010)
30. Wakayama (winter 2010)


31. Tottori
32. Shimane
33. Okayama
34. Hiroshima
35. Yamaguchi


36. Tokushima (winter 2010)
37. Kagawa (winter 2010)
38. Ehime
39. Kōchi (winter 2010)


40. Fukuoka
41. Saga
42. Nagasaki
43. Kumamoto
44. Ōita
45. Miyazaki
46. Kagoshima

47. Okinawa
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