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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
I was thinking that if the forum here had a 'races in Japan' section it would be easier to plan for these events rather than mixing them in with the General or Tour forums...

If not I don't mind either way....

I miss a lot of races because I don't check out the association sites properly or find out about other races in time to enter them etc.

If there were threads about annual races that could be bumped or talked about I know I'd use it but not sure if you guys are interested ....???

I missed the TT races last week, and some other ones because I found out about them after the cut off day...

How about a poll set up to see if others want it too...


Hey Pete,
That really is a great idea!
I've also missed a lot of races because I only realized after the cut-off date.

The only problem being, that most of the sites are in Japanese only; which is OK for some of us, but a lot of other really great riders get left out because of language difficulties.

That said, there are a few ways we could go about this:

1. Quite a few of us have been here long enough to know about the main races in Japan - Kusatsu, Tsukuba 8-hour, Fuji (3 races), Norikura, Noto-hanto, Utsukusigahara, Okinawa etc...! So if we can all get together, as soon as someone finds out about an upcoming race, a few of us can get together to translate the details into English.

2. A couple of us could directly contact the organizers of each event (eg. "sportsentry.com" as well as a lot of others) and offer to translate their pages into English, and in return have them advertise "TCC" on their web-pages.

Whichever way it goes, it's a great idea that could put lots of information out there for other people who are interested in racing.

That was fast... thanks.

With the annualmraces it will be easy to eventully have a full thread with all details that can get bumped once a year.

I intended to do this on my own site and I think it has all the races for 2005 or 6 and then I stopped doing it.

Good idea too Travis about give and take with the associations... we don't have to translate everything, just the essential details.

Most people I think who can't read Japanese or fill out the application forms really need a lot of help. Even if you know a race is on getting your name down for it is 99% of the challenge. JCRC are kind to gaijin and usually accpt late entries from foreigners so it's always a good idea to just try and sign up even if you're late....
top idea

that would be great pete.Something I can reference in order to plan racing a few months in advance.
race type / distance.

ps . how where you days off over the holidays.Been training at Shimofusa park

The hot weather really ate in to a lot of good riding. I got in a lot of morning and afternoon rides but no where near as many or long distance rides as I'd liked ot have had... the damage to my spare bike put a dampner on enthusiasm as well.
yes, the weather has been making my daily commute a lot of fun too:mad:
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