For Sale RaceFace Track/Singlespeed Chainring 47T 130mmBCD


Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
Shinagawa, Tokyo
Hi there, I bought myself a chainring since I wanted to go from 44 to 47T, and it doesn't match my crankset - I run Sugino Messenger on my fixie, turns out that Sugino chainrings are completely flat, while race face has the chainline offset to the left by a mm or so.
The chainring is brand new, I got it from Amazon today, installed and then realized that it's not going to work after a couple crank revolutions.
Paid 4100 JPY, will sell for 3000 JPY.

Why race face - because 47T from Sugino costs double of even-toothed ones, and why 47T - I need a slight bump compared to 44 but not too much (chain length, some climbs on my commute and sometimes I just don't like to spin at over 120 rpm to keep with traffic lights).
Also - 47 is a prime number and matches much better with rear cogs - I run a 19 but occasionally I might go with an 18 for longer "flat" rides.
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