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Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
Hello everyone. What an excellent resource this is! Many thanks to those who worked so hard to build this site.

My name is David. I'm a 36-year-old American and I've turned into a total cycling junkie over the past year (How bad is it? I shaved my legs for the first time a couple weeks ago :eek: ). I got my first road bike in May 2006 and have since been trying to make up for lost time.

I live in Setagaya and therefore tend to do a lot of riding along the Tamagawa so I can get to my favorite part -- the mountains! So far, most of my hill excursions have been limited to places like Takao, Jimba and Yabitsu. These are fun climbs, but I've been looking to expand my "repertoire" as I get stronger. The problem is, because of my newness to the sport, my knowledge of good routes is pretty thin.

I found this site while at the office, daydreaming about being on my steed, cresting some distant mountain pass, maybe being chased by a wild macaque or two. So I went to Google, typed in some keywords, and my searches yielded the Tokyo Cycling Club site.

The routes I've seen suggested here have got me so excited -- I'd never even heard of Matsuhime-Touge until yesterday, for example. All I know is that this autumn and beyond, I plan on logging some serious miles in the hills, hopefully with many of you.

Hope to ride with you soon!


p.s. I should have made my user name DJC -- the lower-case version looks uncomfortably similar to "dic", which I may be, but still...

Is there any way to fix that?
The Boy Who Would be Deej

Dear all-powerful yet benevolent site administrator,

I feel like a dweeb for asking, but would it be possible to change my username to Deej? :warau:

Thank you!
Welcome aboard, Deej! :welcome:

Hope you hit the mountains with us soon!
Cheers, Thomas! I'm assuming you're the one who kindly rejigged my username. Much appreciated.

I look forward to joining the gang for some mountain adventures. This Saturday or Sunday (20th or 21st), I'm tentatively looking to explore Matsuhime Pass and maybe on to Oo-Toge, depending on if I get the green light from my wife (dad duty, two young boys). Why couldn't I have gotten the cycling bug when I was young, free and single!

If anyone's interested, give me a shout.
Hi Deej-san,

welcome to TCC.

I look forward to seeing you.:)
hi Deej!

welcome aboard!


Thanks Ash! I look forward to riding with you someday.

And I hope you're feeling better. That bout of dehydration sounded rough. I've bonked before, but that was from doing heavy squats and deadlifts the previous day. I didn't get sick; I was just really, really slow on the hard climbs. Now I try to time my gym workouts so that my legs are fresh on the weekends.
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