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Questions about Okinawa


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
For anyone who has ridden this race, I was wondering as the 200/140/100km races follow similar courses if riders from the the different races converge at some point? It might make it confusing like a Hill Climb where your racing against guys from different categories. If this is the case is easy to differentiate the riders based on their race numbers or the colours of their number plates?

Also, my mate has said he might be able to be at my disposal for the day so I'm in the process of working out where best to have him located to hand off refreshments. As I'm doing the 140km race we go over the 340m climb twice so I'm thinking at the top there would be the best place. Just wondering about the logistics of it all. What time do they close the road to cars, and when can he drive off again?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Also, any good places to launch attacks, race tactics etc would also be appreciated:D
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