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Questions about Chichibu


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing some 1 day rides away from my stomping grounds over the next few weeks. I know quite a few of you have been in Chichibu, but I've never made it out there. Has anyone ridden in this area? One route I just mapped out starts at Ogawa station on the Hachiko Line. What do you think? Any suggestions? Perhaps better stations to access good climbs in that area? Any advice would be very useful.


Also what's R299 like all the way to Chino? Anyone been on this baby? Traffic? Ludwig, is this what you did the other day? Just found this link from Sergey and Thomas....yes this looks very challenging!

Something that you should try, and will enjoy is Arima Toge. Elevation up to 1200m but it drags and drags, with a plateau at the top that cheekily foxes you before more climbing.

Be careful on the descent, half the road went missing due to a landslide (wasn't that bad though). Given this, last time Steve and I did it was very quiet - just a couple of motorbikes.

Actually, this route of Steve's is very nice: two big climbs, and there's a little valley just off the green Line which is beautiful.


There's some photos of it in my facebook gallery.

Maybe Steve has some further recommendations, he's been out in that area a lot lately.

Thanks for the map and info Lee. Do you know if there are lockers at Oume station? I just checked out you pics on facebook, very nice.
Hi Mike,

We'd generally get off at Higashi Ome as it's en route and there's a good seven eleven nearby (on Rt 53 - if you look on Google maps, then the 7 Eleven is just north of the station at the junction where 第四小 is written). I don't think there's any lockers there (I have one of those little rinko's so just carry it all the time) and I remember that Charles dumped his rinko behind a car park or something on one ride long ago.

If you go to Ome station I think there are lockers there.

I meant to add, the 299 section at the bottom after the Green line is not so nice as the road is quite busy; just for 3 or 4km I think.
Might see you in Saitama...

Mike, Lee...hope to see you somewhere along Nariki-kaido maybe ;). Wasn't able to ride much all week (suspect food poisoning :eek: ) and I'm out for revenge and a good endorphin shot :rolleyes:. I'm riding all the way to Kamafuse-toge 釜伏峠 tomorrow (loop / no train) in Higashi-Chichibu entering Saitama via Ikusabata (not Higashi-Ome which I prefer to use for exiting Saitama). Looks like it will be extremely hot tomorrow...

reading deeper down, I looks like this was not a ride meant for tomorrow....whenever you go Mike, Lee...enjoy the scenery!
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