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Put together my roadbike?


Sep 11, 2009
Hello there, first-time poster here!

I'm looking for some advice on where I can take my bike to be put back together — to fly her from San Francisco, I had to take her apart pretty much completely — and get a good tuneup.

I'm located near Shinjuku (Yotsuya to be exact) and I'm currently riding a lugged steel frame 54cm KHS mixte with mostly Japanese components. However, I'm iffy about taking it to a mama-chari bike shop. I'm willing to pay (a reasonable amount) if it means getting it put together well.

I figured I'd post here since I don't want to have to lug the box all the way to some place just to find out no one will help me :x

Thanks, from a newly immigrated San Franciscan girl
How far down was the bike broken? Are we talking cabling, BB and so on removed or are we talking crank arms and handle bars turned?

As for Shops, you can take it to Y's International they have several stores scattered around Tokyo the best one though is in Ueno.
I'm not exactly sure, to be honest. I haven't opened the box yet — it's quite large and I'd have to re-seal it to ship it to my new apt. since I'm staying with a friend right now.

I will open it soon and let you know. My guess is that they took off the fork and cranks — things I could fix if I had a crank-pull.
Im guessing that the Forks and cabling are all still attached to the bike and that only the cranks have been removed and possibly the rear mech has been removed from the hanger but still cabled up.

If thats the case it won't need to go to a shop to be done and can be rebuilt with the right sized Hex/Allen wrenches. Let me know once you get it opened and maybe I can help you put it back together.... Will save you the hassles of carting it to a shop and paying out for something that will take less than an hour to sort out.
Do it yourself!!

Totally easy, and doesn't really need many tools.

You should definitely attempt it yourself first time. You will learn loads about your bike if you haven't done it before, and it is also cool fun.
@FarEast: It doesn't seem like they deconstructed it much — the cabling and fork is still attached, as are the back wheel and cranks. When I move into my new apartment next week (since I have to register my bike in that ku), if it's not too much trouble, help would be much appreciated ...

@OwenJames: I've done this loads of times before and I've brought my own tools/lube/etc, but I'm pretty sure the brakes and s* got misaligned while they threw my box around at the airport, so I wanna make sure I do this right. I also got into a bike accident — got doored — before I left so I'm not sure if everything's working suuuper well — that's more my concern.
allusive, I will PM you my details. let meknow a few days in advance so I can either move meetings or schedule them for another time :D
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