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Help provide me a bike?


Jun 24, 2009
Hi there,

This weekend I will be in Tokyo and give a lecture about cycling in the Netherlands, at the Biketope event (see <http://www.designnippon.com/biketope.html> for more information, I think they still need some volunteers).
The programe changed, I have the last day free to spend. :bike: As an advanced cyclist I will try to cycle in (or outside) Tokyo. Can someone rent me a bicycle for Monday July 20th? I have the average Dutch size (1.84 m) and don't care about gears. I fly this thursday-afternoon to Tokyo, but will read my mail during my stay.

Kind regards,

Herbert Tiemens
Herbert, Monday is a public holiday so I hope you can get a bike and enjoy a TCC experience. I live too far north to help but you might also want to ask some of the people at the event. Being an average Dutch size makes you pretty big here in Japan. Good luck.
Thank for the Biketope 2009 link.
I have a very busy weekend in Tokyo, but I will try to attend the show.
Good luck with finding a bike. At 1.84 m, it's not an easy task in Japan.
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