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proverbial balls - headset (+mindset) maintenance


Speeding Up
Nov 8, 2009
trying to replace the caged bearing in a cane creek (specialized allez) headset. specialized jp told me i must buy the entire headset for 3500. the caged bearings IN THE CATALOG ON THE DESK were 500yen. seems they won't budge and let me have 'em. rang specialized in australia. they said it is a shimano caged bearing set. does anyone know where i can buy caged bearings. inner diameter of the head tube is standard, 41.1cm. 23 bearings in the current cage. seems toiga make the stuff.
The Y's road near Ueno and the one in Shinjuku will have them.
Y's shinjuku had cane creek bearing cases.. good to know (2000yen for top+bottom) went back to specialized, and they pulled the bearings out of a headset and let me have 'em. i was so sure the dude was going to rake me into buying the whole thing. thanks for the heads up
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