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Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I'm putting together some new Ti parts as part of my love for all things titanium. I'm currently looking for some donor pedal axles to clone in Ti. Namely Shimano 105's. Have got the Crank Brothers covered and I figure the most popular axle will be the 105 - given that most of the DA axles are already Ti. So far what I have:

1) Bolts kit - replaces pretty much all the bolts (chainring,pivot, clamp, etc).
2) Cage - blade type and wire type.
3) Pedal axle.
4) QR Skewers. (2 types)
5) Hub axles. (Shimano only)
6) Seatpost clamp.

Anything else you guys think of that would be useful or just lie into the 'weight weenie kit' group? Some options -

1) Freewheel cassette
2) BB axle (old skool)
3) Freewheel cogs
4) Chainring

For my Fixie - due to the clampdown on brake by Police, I'm putting together a full disc brake kit. The discs and adapter(s) are in Titanium and will use the Tektro Lyra mechanical. By using the discbrake I can go even lighter on the rim composites and be able to totally convert the bike back to brakeless with nary a sign of being 'braked' with the exception of the rear stay DB holder.
I've got a couple Ti seatposts - working on a redesign now, in fact, patterned after my Thomson Master. Agreed - the seat-rail clamps were just not to my taste. Oh yeah, Ti spacers - I have a bunch of those coming, not sure on the Ti stem just yet - I really like my 3T.
Ti Tyre Levers

King makes Ti tyre levers. Go to www.excelsports.com to find them.

Campy made a nice Ti seat post (record was all Ti). Hard to find and sometimes expensive when you do, but a great post.

Royce hubs Shimano compatible. Freehub body is machined from 6AL-4V titanium.

Titanium Jockey Wheel Set

Campy Shamal 16-HPW Titanium tubular wheels or titanium Ambrosio futura wheels (expensive and hard to find wheels, but cool and most important - Ti)
I have some 105 pedals mate.

Send me a message on Facebook and we can talk about getting them to you.
Sweet! Thanks for the adds. I'm doing a combo tool in Ti - mainly for cog lockring and 15mm axle nut. Not really intended for general purpose, but more of a 'carry along' - and also to snug / release my couplers. Pedros makes a cool combo tool, but IMO way too 'busy' and gimmicky - plus its alloy and heavy. @Owen - will do! My old SR gruppo had various bits in Ti. The full Ti post came a generation after.
Tim, such a tool would be bliss. Size15 spanner, lockring and track chainwhip all in one, light, not to small or too big and I'm sold! Best with the spanner being open, so you can use it on pedals as well...
Yeah - my thoughts too. Since the service end of the wrench needs to be tough, I've thought it would be good to have replaceable cro-mo spanner end - much like a replaceable drop out. Then, the only heavy portion would be quite small.

For the chain whip - there's a few ways - so your ideas / thoughts woulod be great. For example - you don't wanna carry around extra chain - so why not use the bike chain itself? And just have attach point on the tool? Or, is it really necessary if you can kick release the cog after removing lockring?

Check out the Pedros Tool and you see where I'm coming from ... but I like the idea of open end vs. hex drive for the same reason you say.

Tim, such a tool would be bliss. Size15 spanner, lockring and track chainwhip all in one, light, not to small or too big and I'm sold! Best with the spanner being open, so you can use it on pedals as well...
I think you are right about the chain whip not being elemental. I only use the Italian method, but if you are on the road doing so, chances are high that you scratch the frame around the bottom bracket.
Maybe just having a couple of links, so you can attach your real chain would be useful.

Btw, wbase sold just the tool I was looking for(pedros plus chain) once two years ago. I'm sure it came from a Taiwan OEM.
Dude- draw something up and send to me. I'm going to send a Pedros to start for the cloning process and just enhance / dehance from there. Like the replaceable spanner bit, etc. Once we have a good working design, they CAM it into Titanium and the other bits that need to be done in Alloy. If it passes our eval, then I'll do a production run on it. For tools, usually spec a 7AL/4V harder alloy which should stand up to just about any abuse.
Hmm, that might have been too obscure, so, uh..., one of Saturn's moons, + a kind of potato... = ?? :rolleyes:
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