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UPDATE Private Conversation Fix


Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
It was brought to our attention (thanks @jdd) that some of you were unable to upload files via private conversation.

This has now been fixed, so you are all now able to do the following;

-Upload files to share with eachother in private conversation
-Drag and drop files into the comment box in private conversations, which will auto-embed, based on the file type, e.g., if you drag in a picture from your desktop it will auto embed as a picture, giving you the choice of full image embed, or thumbnail, etc. This drag and drop feature also works within the browser, so you can drag and drop something you can see on any website into a private conversation here, and it will embed. Use wisely. We don't want any Operation Yewtree noncesense.

So there you go.
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