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Tech PressFit using Wishbone BB


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Oct 4, 2020
If you've had any trouble with a pressfit bottom bracket then this might be a solution.

My Campy Ultra-Torque BB cups started to back out of the frame causing the bearings to move out of alignment. This also caused the NDS crank to rub against the aluminum cup causing some major friction.
Needless to say, it has been a bit of a headache.

I did find that Wishbone, a company from Taiwan, makes these 'push-in' cups that have a threaded bit in the middle. Effectively making the bottom bracket shell one piece. There are other companies that make these 'shell' or press-fit alternatives but I couldn't find any others for a Campagnolo BBright Ultra-Torque solution.
They retail for about ¥15,000, but I was lucky to find one on Mercari for ¥5,000 (basically new)

Tools, all I needed was a regular BB wrench, and a 10mmAllen key to hold in place the NDS-cup with a special insert.

*I did use the specified Loctite primer (7471) and locker (603), but still to no avail. I even cleaned it up again and just tried their super glue.. which also didn't work.

Anyway, so far so good. Hopefully my BB won't start creaking or anything (lots of grease on the shell, so... hopefully..)

First two images are the Wishbone BB shell
Third image is the Campy BBright cup that has backed out (after only 50km)


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Its strange a pressfit would precession out especially if the crankset is supposed to be bolted thru holding it together. Theres also supposed to be a wavy washer to take up slop?
wavy washer yes. but I didn't think the bb cup (DS) would move. either the tolerances were not close enough on the frame or....
at the moment, just glad this problem is ...solved
In case that fails, have a look at Hambini's website. Apparently his BBs are used by pro teams and are machined from one piece. A large part of his business is (by his own account) from frame manufacturers who'd rather purchase one of his BBs rather than replace the frame, because they don't adhere to BB specs.
looks all good.. for Shimano PressFit BB's

looks like they don't have a BBright for Campy tho :cry:
we'll see how this Wishbone thing goes.
I would probably be more inclined to just get a new bike.. lol
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