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Prescription riding glasses


Sep 2, 2009

I am in the market for some prescription riding specs, and wonder if any of you guys have bought any in Japan before?

My prescription is pretty standard; just short sighted in both eyes, so there is no need for anything hyper-technical.

Any advice would be very helpful!

Check out Rudy Project's Rydon or Exception. These come with an optical insert for your prescription lenses. If you want to save money it may work out cheaper to buy from the US or elsewhere. I bought my last pair from the US and had my prescription lenses for the insert made up at an optician in Japan (easily done and reasonably cheap).

Shimano have also been making sunglasses with optical inserts. These are cheaper (less than half the price) but the ones I saw in a bike shop didn't look as good in terms of quality. These are probably just as cheap to pick up in japan though.


I believe Briko also prescription sunglasses ....

As do Oakley.
Great info, thanks a lot.

Will have a look right away!
Owen, while you're in the splash the cash around mode, why not just go and get laser surgery? I had it done a few years ago in Japan and now not only do I look like a super hero in my kit I can also see like one!
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