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Prepping a move abroad … advice


The other international household goods moving companies that I have dealt with (and that I remember) are :
  • Crown Moving Service
  • Asian Tigers
For relocations to / from Japan, they were always substantially more expensive than Yamato.

Other personal tips came to my mind, in case they can be helpful :
  • You probably already know, but you must advise the City Hall that you are moving.
  • If you hold a domestic driver license and come back one day, you have exactly 1 calendar month to renew it upon your landing. Keep your current license card, even if it will have expired for several years. If you are late by a single day, you will have to apply from scratch again (on top of losing your gold status). If you are staying at the hotel or in a service apartment during the first month, use that temporary address as your residence.
  • Depending on your working history in Japan, you may be eligible to claim a portion of the national pension (nenkin) you have contributed to. The eligibility is clearly ruled, but your future plans should also be considered in the decision, especially if your family is Japanese. Furthermore, bilateral agreements exist with a few countries to make it even more complicated. The financial benefits / drawbacks must be evaluated case by case. There is plenty of information on the web.
Good luck with your relocation !
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