Pre Race Check-up


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Ladies and Gent's

I know several of you have been competing in recent HC events and will be pounding up Fuji this Sunday, now I know many of you will give the bike a clean and some may even give the bike a service but I would highly recommend that you check one part that is often missed by everyone.

Chain Ring Bolts.

These have a nasty habit of working loose after intensive rides, namely hill climbs or sprints. The bike I raced at Kumano displayed all but one of the chainring bolts on my Dura Ace 9700 cranks working loose and required retightening with Loctite.

Just thought I would put this out there as the last thing anyone wants is thier chainrings falling off mid-race!

Oh and if anyone passes me on the way up (which Im sure many will) give me a push!
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