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Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
If anyone is interested in a power meter, there are some very good clearance deals on the old hubs (new ones have just started shipping) especially when you factor in the dollar/yen exchange rate. Given that Garmin`s Vector pedals have come in at 2x - 3x what Metrigear were proposing when developing them, I think now probably represents the best deals for the next few years (Since Garmin`s announcement, Saris have upped the prices on their new hubs..)

You can pick up a fully built Pro+ wheel for a shade over $800 shipped. That`s 62,000 - 63,000 Yen compared to Japanese retail prices for their cheapest offering here, an elite hub (one model down), of 125,000 Yen, just the hub! Cheaper options are available if you go for an older wired comp model or just order a hub.

Best deals I could find were here:

For CC, you are stuck with 32 hole hub on a mavic open pro, but Excel let you select the rim and build option.
If you go for SL, be aware that there are reports of it being prone to water ingress through the carbon windows.

I went for a Pro+ build. Can`t wait for the fun to get started, except whilst my computer reads power, it only has basic power functions, so will have to upgrade now :cry: Think one of my first things will be to see how long I can hold 300 Watts for - hopefully it will be minutes rather than seconds and double figures at that :p

Now, if wheelbuilder ship to Japan, for another $90 I can get an aero disc cover and have my own disc rear wheel!!!
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