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Postponed: Saturday - cHilly Boso


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Jan 30, 2007
Any interest in a re-run of the Charles Farewell tour route this Saturday 15th?

Starting from Honda Station in Chiba as usual. Rolling by 9:20. The pace will not be super-fast (it's midwinter after all) but I don't plan on stopping much due to daylight/chilliness in the afternoon.

ps. There are no coin lockers at Honda so you'll be carrying your rinkos etc.
A curse on MapMyRide for changing the defaults.

You should be able to see the route now.
I would be interested in exploring Boso Hanto as I have never cycled there. But I'm put off by the starting time. I usually start riding at 5:30am, so 9:20 feels like half the day is already gone. In fact, today I did an early 120km ride before work and was almost back home by then... Let me know if you are willing to move up the time.
Definitely maybe...

Tentatively, I'll put my name down for this one.
>Yamabushi: It's similar to the ride we did with Phil that time, except it continues for another 20-30km all the way to the coast. From my place, it's about a 220km round-trip, which means you'll be looking at 250-ish.

IF I make it, I will probably bring my bike-bag for the return trip.
Thanks for arranging it, Alan!
Pete, if you go, I'll go. Even though I hate the cold.
How'd did you two know I was seriously thinking about this? :D

For me door to door I think it would be about 230-240km. I am not particularly bothered by the distance or the cold, but the amount of available day light I think will preclude me from joining this one. I definitely won't have it in time for this trip, but maybe I might have to consider a rinko bag at some point (I'm hating even thinking about it).

Travis, let's try to get some other ride in together sometime soon! Maybe this Sunday or next weekend you could lead something a little bit shorter from Tokyo towards Chiba somewhere and back? I'm sure I can talk Tim in to it! :D
Ah, just noticed this. You know I'd normally be the first to sign up for a Boso ride but this weekend doesn't work for me. :( Have a good one!

Hi all,
Due to weather conditions (extremely high winds forecast) and people's availability; I'll reschedule this ride.

Tentatively, next Saturday, TBC.
Good call!

Hi all,
Due to weather conditions (extremely high winds forecast) and people's availability; I'll reschedule this ride.
Tentatively, next Saturday, TBC.

Cheers Alan!
See you (and hopefully more people) next week.
Roads and rindos are clear

Did my first ride through Boso Hanto today (as I have other commitments this weekend). Followed basically the same route as Alan had proposed, with some small changes (started in Chiba rather than Honda, did it in reverse direction, took the longer route down into Uchiura, and on the return trip avoided getting back onto the same road, then to Chiba and on all the way home (Setagaya). 210km in all. The Boso hills are very nice - and add up quite some climbing (2,300m).


The temperature was low, and the water on the fields was frozen, but the roads and rindos were totally safe. Basically all dry, except for a few stretches where salt on the road had attracted humidity (unclear why the salt was needed).

Quite some headwind on the return trip, which added to the fun.

Can only recommend doing this route in winter (at least if current conditions hold).
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