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OK, so nobody got hurt this time. But if you keep behaving recklessly, nobody gets hurt only until somebody does. And then what?
I'd argue that professionals doing stunts are less lethal than amateurs doing everyday stuff.

We know statistically that driving and swallowing (not necessarily at the same time) are dangerous.
"But if you keep driving/ eating nobody gets hurt only until somebody does. And then what?"
yes let's ban cars and 切りもち, far more dangerous than the guys doing this video.

I am being facetious but the overreaction by J netizens so typical. The same muppets walk/ride along with their heads focussed on screens and are themselves a traffic hazard.
@kiwisimon, I have no problem with them doing stunts, if it's only their own necks they're risking. Yes, they can probably do it more safely than I can even imagine.

What I have a problem with is turning innocent bystanders who have no idea that they are becoming part of this stunt into unwilling unpaid extras. People on sidewalks have a reasonable expectation that other people around them will be going at more or less walking speed, because that's what sidewalks are there for. You just need one person to step sideways to avoid another person as these guys are about to pass from behind...
I spared maybe 5 min. crazy skills admittedly, but how many illegal acts can one witness in a given amount of time?! sheesh
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Recently I've been enjoying this guy's rebuilding videos. I highly relate to the bikes he's restoring since all of the bikes I own or have owned so far are from that time (1984-2004) (except one - which from 2011).
The mood in those videos is a bit mellow and sometimes it's a bit too much of...I don't know. But it's very relaxing anyway and it makes me want to take care of my bikes more.

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I actually knew about this, but it's shocking again everytime I'm reading or hearing about it. And worse is that's not limited to bananas only and me being part of promoting this process by eating bananas everyday, even though I'm buying organic fairtrade bananas. Hm.
I love those videos where people have 1 attempt. Now this one doesn't feature the most daring stunts or trails, but I found it supremely relaxing. The rider, Damien Desbrosses, is a French enduro rider who finishes near the top races like Mountain of Hell.
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