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Hehe, the horses always get so excited when they peleton goes by. Although not all of them actually join the race.

I love how the peleton starts to draft behind him. Nice pull, horse.

For time trial fans:


I do miss Seattle.

Thanks for that David!
Although I daresay my "fi'zi:k" saddle might tear my nether-regions to pieces if I tried that:eek:uch:

BTW, I thought it was New Orleans...:rolleyes:
Cycling blues by Imawano Kiyoshiro

Found this nice little moody song -

...for those in "blues" mode :)
3 Great YouTube Bike Vids

I hope you don't mind but I'm posting 3 vids. Maybe you've seen them before but maybe some others haven't. Hope you enjoy these :)

Did you see this?

A guy falls off his bike whilst celebrating his victory :D

dznuts - chamois cream by Dave Zabriskie

Dave Zabriskie, "I`m gonna make ass cream.."

Watch this interview with Velonews from the Tour of Georgia:
David Millar

This is from the 2008 Giro.
David Millar started to sprint, then the chain of his bike broke.

I like this version in particular with the Italian commentary.

I've always known there's "something" about this bloody route:

TCCers should organize an official tour to Shibuya to watch this trash :confused:
In Japan...

These following clips are not so much "bicycle" related, but they do pertain to our area, as well as being quite comical.
If you enjoy the folly of cars & trains, this is a good one!

A race between the new Nissan GTR vs. the Japanese public transportation system - and on some of the roads that quite a few of us have ridden on before.

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