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Post your dream sunglasses...


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Yes, the weather is getting to me too... (got in a bit of a ride today on my MTB and it was glarey too, my sen yen sunnies just didn't cut it).

I've lost my best pair of sunglasses. :warau:

I have about 4 pairs of cheap ones that I often use but you go much faster with nice sunglasses.

3 years ago I backed my car over my favorite pair in the early morning preparations for the Saiko race...that was an omen for the rest of the day. Complete disaster that race as I got dropped on the first lap. If you look good you ride good, right?
Last year I lost one side of the nose supports on my favorite pair. You don't look good with your sunnies sitting diagonally across your face. With the wind resistance you end up riding around in circles.
This year, I thought I may have left my newest best friends in my locker at work and after 3 weeks without them went to work the other day to my locker and they weren't there. :warau:

I guess it's time to start looking for a new favorite pair.
I can't afford to go spending 20,000 yen either....

So in this thread I'll post what I want and probably what I will buy.

Bolle Traverse (always liked the quality of Bolle lenses).


$127.50 on Amazon.com (not rich enough for these).

What I'll probably get (take into account that I get a 2500yen amazon japan gift certificate once a month.).

For 3150 yen.
Coleman (the camping company)


I once bid on a nice pair of sunglasses on ebay (US) and won the auction for $1.00. The postage was $10. The best part was they sent me 2 pairs by mistake.... They are not very fast though...

Do you care about your eyes?

How would a nice big pair of Paris Hilton sunnies go down with my friends at the cycling club?


presently have bolles, six years old and still going strong.
next pair of sunnies would be these frame to match my new bike material and had a pair of smiths before the bolles
What a waste...

I got these in "Ameyoko-cho" about 3 years ago for ¥2.000.
Not a scratch on the lenses, never been stolen... they've done me well!

However, they do fog up pretty badly while waiting at lights!
That's my only complaint.
Acquired a pair of these over the obon holiday. Unfortunately, the Livestrong version didn't fit my face.

Rule Britannia!!!

Picked these up whilst I was in GB: Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Ian Poulter Signature


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