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Post your dream bikes!


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Which bicycles cause you sleepless nights?

I have currently two dream bikes:

  • Giant FCR Composite

    Flatbar, very light, beautiful... at a steep price. And unfortunately too small for me. :rolleyes:

    I love the FCR series.


    More pictures here.

Please share your dream bikes with us! :)
Hi Thomas-san,

those look cool!

Now I wanna folding bike and Cusque.:)
    It is good for "rinko and sightseeing", isn't it?

  • Cusque
    It doesn't take a big space in my bag when the long distance touring comparing with helmet.
Reanimating old thread...

Seven - Aerios


- Ti
- light, compact and beatiful
- expensive little bastard
- mmmmm!
I have two that I would get if I had a larger flat.

The first is a classic Raleigh, Carlton ST.


The second is a Wilier, Izoard. (I would like to compare carbon with ti)

Suit you sir

Weeelllll, how about

Cannondale Super Six Ultimate
Although I would have Dura-Ace rather than Red


And for going really fast....
Felt DA

Plus one of these
Foes 2:1 FXR

And if I had any space/money left (not likely)
Windcheetah Hyper Sport
I can't post in this thread as Thomas picked my latest favorites. A guy in our club has both those bikes.
Moulton NS Speed Stainless with DA 7900 or Red, compact drops and deep rim aero wheels
Kuota Kredo!

This would be my bike of choice for all-round enjoyment & showing off!
It has to be one of the sexiest frames on the market - Unfortunately, the 2008 model only comes in a black/white/red color-scheme - the 2007 model was in beautiful naked-carbon black, with white logos:


As for a pure hill-climbing bike, I'd have to go with the BH G4! One of the lightest frames out there! That, coupled with an FSA K-light compact crank might definitely see me up some hills a little quicker than the present.


Of course, I would definitely keep my current "Giant" (Gun-metal-grey, with obvious 'yellow' bits) for commuting & training rides. BUT... would the wife allow it? I think not (unless I buy one of each in her size too - not likely to happen:()
It's in my garage getting built, slowly.

Looks very promising, Simon! A beauty under construction. The chainstay does look strong. I really envy you for the space you have in your garage. Are you accepting subtenants?

It has to be one of the sexiest frames on the market.

I have to concur with you, Travis. I remember we were admiring it on last year's cycle fair in Makuhari. :)
Indeedy, very nice! More than a "dream bike", I think I'm yearning for a "dream workshop"...
Me too! That is Carl Strong's workshop. The closest I have to a workstand is a loop of rope from the top of the garage. Dream bikes are cool but I would love a full kit of Park Tools.
Late on the thread.

Sorry guys,

late on this thread just back from a weeks sailing off the south coast of the UK - cold but fun!
Great to see some of the choices - real eclectic mix, particularly like the Raliegh Carlton - had one mant years ago (also had a Raliegh TT special in Reynols 753 tubing - light as a feather but a bit too whippy in the rear for my liking so sold it on)
Travis has my no1 pick - Kuota Kredo
No 2 (tied for No1 really) would be the Kuota KoM (me thinks it is a better hill climber than the BH - sorry Travis)
No 3(and there is not much in it) would be the Bottechia 8AVIAO (OCTAVIO)

just hope the image comes through.. this is the most gorgeous frame (pic does not do it justice) viewed it in the only dealer I know this year - the only word is STUNNING. The guy in the shop reckons its great in the hills (weighs in at 7,150 Kg all in!!! )Handles really sharp! so not for the faint hearted on the descents - all in a great race bike!

Need a new bike (or a new boat) so saving hard!

Cheers all

Tempted but . . .

I used to dream about bikes, but then I bought a Cervelo and have slept soundly ever since :D However, if pushed I am very tempted by the new Giant Advanced SL which has been developed with High Road. She's a peach (to omoimasu):


Funny you should ask that question as...

I've got one for sale! :bike:

2008 Ridley Helium "M" size (same frame as ridden by Team Silence Lotto)

- Medium size frame with integrated seat-post, (812A) black,
56.5cm top tube c-c, and in prestine condition
- Full 2008 SRAM Red group-set
- Zipp Vuma-Quad Crank with Ceramic BB, 53x39 and 172.5
- Zipp Superlight "SL" full carbon handlebar, 42 c-c, 165grams
- Zipp 145 full carbon stem, 130mm, 145 grams
- Zipp carbon bottle cages x 2
- Zipp 303 carbon wheel-set equipped with Power Tap 2.4 SL
hub and computer, full ceramic upgrade including PowerTap
hub, Shimano Dura-Ace titanium 11-27 Cassette and Zipp
Titanium Skewers
- 2008 Look Keo Carbon pedals with titanium spindles
- Selle San Marco Concor Light saddle with titanium rails, white
(brand new, installed and still wrapped in plastic)

- Bought July 2008 (last month!) ridden to only 300km.

- Selling complete bike as mistakenly purchased the wrong size
frame/ 1 size too large (top tube too long), and already
bought another SMALL size frame with same components.

- Interested Buyer Advice: This bike, as others with an
integrated seat-post, is measured at the top tube for
appropriate sizing / plus or minus your best stem size. I made
my mistake in purchasing this frame, my first frame with an
integrated seat post over the net, as I measured c-c on the
seat tube.

This is a full-on race bike, equipped with all the latest and best components available; and not just gadgetry. Perceivable difference felt with the ceramics, and all of the Zipp components are incredibly stiff but comfortable and thus efficient. Zipp 145 stem and Vuma Quad crank are just beautiful.

Helium frame is a truly amazing climber and inspires confidence on the toughest of climbs. Most importantly in my case, as my weakness has often been descending, this bike flies down technical descents better than any bike I've owned before (all top DeRosa, Time, Trek, Cannondale, Colnago models, etc) and thus gave me the confidence to go faster, yet feel I am riding at my comfortable limits. This bike is equally adept on flats, which surprized me as I originally bought it expressely for uphill races.
But in any terrain, the fantastic weight/stifness factor of the helium is a huge advantage and source of riding enjoyment.

The bike as equipped, weighs in at 6.4kg (that includes the PowerTap power meter!).

Genuinely best deal/firm price: 700,000JPY. I paid 1,100,000JPY for this bike a month ago...

*Any waranty issues will be handled by Sinclair Imports, which imports Ridley frames in the US.

*Seat tube length/integrated seat-mast is currently cut at 76cm, measured from center of bottom bracket to top of integrated seat-mast (as pictured). New owner can of course cut more as needed, but this frame also comes equipped with seat-mast sleeves that can be insterted to add a variety of additional lengths, which the longest sleeve capable of adding 3cm to the overall seat-tube length for a total of 79cm.
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