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Mar 2, 2011
I was surprised to find that there wasnt a thread like this already. (at least I hope theres not or else im gonna look like a pleb).

So post a Pic of your bike and set-up
My Felt F-95 with Campagnolo Zonda rims, Continental Grand Prix 4000s tires and Shimano components (>_0)v
Good idea !
Enigma Esprit, Campy Chorus 11 speed, HED Ardennes wheels. Next upgrade: the engine ...

1988 Cannondale SM500 MTB converted to an old fat guy's urban bike :D
Oh I forgot my 2nd bike. Thorn Nomad, full XT, self-sufficient for a week or two in ... well, pretty much where ever you might wish to go :D

The work bike:


Test Bike:


The mistress:






There are more :eek:
I wouldnt mind a shot at your mistress! jeeze, what a bike.

SteveT that Nomad is one used bike mate. I mean that in a good way though. How many bottles you got stuffed on there, theres even one on the underside of the downtube.

I love the MTB conversion. I have a really shitty cheverolet mama chari i would like to do some converting on but just too much effort for a heavy shitty frame
Taff..... you've got more chance taking wife out for the night! :D

In regards to Steve's bike have a word with Steve about what that bike was built up for.... totaly amazing story!
My Bianchi Pista that has served me well over the years (Tokyo to Osaka and taking 5th overall at January Calfman Duathlon. This photo is a bit old though. Currently am running a set of Look Keo blade carbon clip-less pedals, Easton EA50 SL wheels, and SRAM Red Calipers :D


Tarod84 cam
Van Nicholas Zephyr - Sram Red with Dura Ace wheels. Photographed on the Green Line, 2010. 7.2kg.


I want to ride it more ...
My bike a few days ago.

Excuse the hood colours; I was in the middle of fitting a set of white hudz.

Since I took this, I have installed a Deda SuperZero seat post.

That Bike is from the Mint Sauce era mate!
Love it.

I had a set of Marzocchi Bomber Z2 on my XC bike, back in the day. Best fork ever made, I reckon.
My BMC-SLC01. Love this bike so much and I know this is the time to get her new 50mm carbon wheelset. :eek:
My current ride: Custom (mine) Ti multipurpose SS /Fixed w/ S&S coupler. Hidden ISCG tab support for the eventual Hammerschmidt as well.




And retired, but not yet RIP. The trusty custom Akamatsu that delivered me from a certain NDE MacGuyvered together with tape and chopsticks.



And the one that started it all <again> - my old 1980's Bridgestone 'Muletto' which suffered a catastrophic chain stay failure in a panic stop encounter with a cement truck.

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