Official Ride Post-Enduro Party/Bonenkai


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This is just to let everyone know that we are going to have an informal get-together/bonenkai after the Tokyo Enduro. Location will be in Chiba City and all TCC members are welcome (not just enduro riders)!

Location: Chiba City (venue TBD, but likely an izakaya near Chiba Station)
Time: Dec 4th, 6:30 pm-ish, following the Tokyo Enduro.

Details still to be confirmed, but the venue will be close to Chiba Station. A group will probably ride back from the course after the race, or you can take the train back in. Obviously, you can ride or train out from the other direction if not attending the race.

I'm going to be making reservations in the next week or two, but if anyone thinks they might be interesting in attending, could you please drop a line here just to give us an idea of numbers?

Many thanks, and hope to see you there!


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Nov 4, 2006
Cheers Phil!

While I'm in map-making-mode, I thought I'd get this one done too!
The ride from the Enduro venue (Sodegaura Raceway) to Chiba city.
Check out the map here.

*Disclaimer: I've never ridden this exact route personally, and there are probably many better ways to get to Chiba from there.
This is simply one of the possibilities, and may change without notice.
That said, no matter which road(s) we take, it will be roughly 30km.
And as a note to the uninitiated, it WILL get dark before we arrive, so bring your front & rear flashers!

And not to echo everybody else but, Thanks Phil, for organizing this one!
Looking forward to it! Travis


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Thanks for this Travis.

I was thinking of something similar, but sticking to the 297 until Yawatajuku and then using the 24. That road under the Tateyama expressway is pretty grim, at least when it approaches Chiba anyway. Unfortunately, none of these roads are great, but I was planning to ride down there and see if I can find an okay route, and maybe help guide a group up to the city on the day of the Enduro. Nothing certain yet though...

Looking forward to seeing you there in any case.


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Scouted the route today...

...and this looks like it would work well:

Basically Travis' route but with tweaks. The only slightly bad bit is the short section when the 297 cuts toward the coast, but we'd be soon off it and onto the reasonable 24.

The 16/357 is by my standards suicidal, so definitely best avoided (south of Soga it doesn't even have the shoulders that make the Chiba-Funabshi section do-able). Fortunately, the unnumbered road alongside it is surprisingly fast, easy to find, and takes us all the way downtown.

So, we should be set for the ride back.

Will have a venue decided by this weekend at the latest. So far it looks like 10 or fewer(?) for the party, but if you're thinking of joining let me know so I can make sure we'll have enough space.


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Aug 5, 2006

忘年会は参加します♪:D よろしくお願いします。


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Thanks all for the interest so far--really looking forward to catching up and also meeting new folk!

Still somewhat tentative, but venue will be 魚民 (Uotami) very near Chiba Chuo station and close to the main Chiba station and Keisei Chiba.

Reservation is for 6:15 pm. Food only will be 2100 yen.

We can do pay-as-you-go for drinks, or a 2-hour nomihodai will be 900 yen for the ladies, 1300 for the gents. Not sure if there's an opt-out option for nomihodai, but maybe drinkers can cover non-drinkers if the numbers work?

Officially booking is 6:15-8:15, but it should be no problem to stay longer for those so inclined :) Lots of dainijikai options in the area, too.

As discussed above, we will have a group ride back from the race to Chiba. Note though that if we have any teams podium (as the ladies tend to do :)) we will need to move quick after the ceremony to get to Chiba on time.

So far, on- and off-thread we have approx. 10 attendees. I've reserved for 15, so please let us know soon-ish if you are interested (or if you expressed interest but want to cancel.) Can still change the numbers right now, but probably should have them finalized in a week or two.

And, that's it for now. Looking forward to it!
Sep 8, 2010
Funabashi, Japan
Haha, I do the Chiba to Funabashi every day, but I often take weekend rides around the Boso peninsula so I have done the Chiba-Kizarazu section a few times, and yeah it's a horrible stretch, the trucks, no shoulders, and the surface is shot and uneven from the weight of the trucks too...... not good for the balance on skinny tires!!


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Thanks for the confirmation Alan and everyone.

Just to take stock, here are the more or less confirmed so far (sorry, forum names only to keep things simple)

Thomas (you're in, right Thomas?)

Hope that's everyone so far...

Please let me know if you want to be added to the list, or if you definitely can't make it and want off :) There are a few more maybes who have gotten in touch, so we're close to the 15 person reservation. There should still be time to add more though, so please let me know soon-ish if you're interested.