Pollution masks (Respro) and fogging ?


Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
Shinagawa, Tokyo
Hi everyone, I've seen a couple of threads where ppl complain that pollution masks have issues with fogging, I have Respro Sportsta, and yes, I experience the same issue - unless I literally squeeze the nose piece that my nose is completely closed - this makes it tight enough that the fogging stop, but, this is not the way I want it to be.

Has anyone figured out a way to keep using the mask and minimize fogging ?

My nose piece is now cracking in half, and I'm planning to replace it with something, so this is my chance to experiment and possibly improve the performance of this mask.
(another issue is that my nose is pretty tall and the glasses don't fit too well over the nose piece).


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
I too bought a Respro mask the one with build in breathing valves and I too found the only way to make it seal was to pinch my nose so I could not breath, it gave me a headache in no time, I no longer use it.

3M makes a good disposable mask the N95 9211


They are ¥2457 for a pack of 10, or about ¥250 each. I can easily get 4-5 days out of each mask, and when not in use the fold up nicely so you can stuff them into a pocket. I use them during the spring when the Kafun is bad. I wear them with sunglasses or clear safety glasses and they do NOT fog my glasses at all.

Just an option.