Notice Polite Request

  • Dear valued Members,

    we kindly ask you to post/repost your classified ads to our new Classifieds section. This subforum will be phased out very soon. In case you still have active ads here, please re-add them to the new Classified section.

    Please submit each item seperately: one entry for each item you'd like to post.

    Thank you!
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Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013

As each and every comment in the Classifieds section requires authorization, please try to refrain from posting extensive unrelated conversation here, and only post things related to the product being offered for sale.

Comments not directly related to the item being sold merely serve to increase the work load for the Classifieds admin, who already has enough on his plate having to deal with the dodgy Chinese posts attempting to sell things that defy the laws of physics.
Not open for further replies.