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Polar S520 - Service or Replace? Replacement Suggestions?


Aug 14, 2012
I have an old Polar cycle watch/computer with HRM and Cadence floating around from 2002 I think its a S520 (yes...its been a while since I was cycling). I'm investigating getting batteries replaced etc, but I'm thinking there must be something out there that does HR and Cadence for what it's likely to cost me to revive the old Polar. The Garmin Edge 500 is over my budget by 2x or more!. I've seen some Cateye and Ciclosport ones on CR and Wiggle but it doesnt look like you can upload data and review/compare.

Any Suggestions???

I seem to recall my old Polar had a few issues with picking up sensors with my large headtube / frame anyway!


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006
Just got one...

I hope you aren't looking locally for an edge 500:


I just picked up the exact same model on Yahoo (Japan) Auctions, for 16,200 yen + 1,000 shipping. It's the Taiwanese model, but has full English functionality.
A quick check of the current exchange rate tells me I saved about 1,000 yen over the Chain-Reaction price.
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