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Help Planning a DIY training camp from tokyo


Feb 15, 2016

I am going to be in Tokyo for work and I am planning to combine that with a DIY training camp.
I want to do something like the rides described in the Rapha page http://pages.rapha.cc/travel/randonnees/japan-grande-randonnee

But the dates don't much and the price is a bit more than i had in mind!

I've done similar sort of long weeks before in Europe but not in Japan.
I would ideally like to have someone take care of the details for me, like taking my bag from hotel to hotel etc. Suggest good routes, where is a good place to stop etc.. I'd probably bring my own bike, unless i can find a good place to rent one for a week.

Does anyone have any recommendations for companies that can help with the organisation/tour?
All the companies i found so far are more on the recreational side (flat rides 50-60km), i don't mind riding with others.

I can plan the routes Rapha describe but i then need to figure out how to take my things from hotel to hotel, book the hotels, and i have 0 local knowledge, i don't speak Japanese either!



Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Hi there
Not sure if @Adam Cobain would be able to help you or not. I know he runs some kind of tours these days but not sure how much organising of routes, carrying your bags etc he will do. Perhaps you should send him a private message to ask him.
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