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Photos from Oifuto


Nov 22, 2010
I was down in Oifuto yesterday shooting photos. Here are a couple of the best ones. If these are you and you want a high resolution copy, please drop me an email. I have posted a bunch of others as well on my blog www.shoottokyo.com.

Also if you have any cycling events that you need a photographer for, please let me know. I am not a professional so I am free!
Dave, welcome aboard! I took the liberty of editting out your email address, as we don't want to feed the spam bots. You can use our PM system in order to contact other members.

Nice pics btw! :)
Is this a GTI event or a cycling event? Looks like a car even (which is OK) but wanted to confirm. Where is it at?
No it's a cycling event. Its the final race of the JCRC racing calendar.
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