Perfuro Gear Synoptic Series Don't Let your Cycling Kit Distract you from Your Mission on The Road Ahead

Perfuro Martin

Mar 10, 2020
Gold Coast Australia
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A Jersey That Offers You Comfort as a Jersey Should

Don’t Risk it – Love It

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Top of Form​
Are you the type of rider that hits the road to prove yourself stronger and going longer each time? Or are you the type of rider that likes to get out for fitness, health or it is just your mode of transport? Whether you are in the criterium or on a fitness ride, you are making heat and sweat, getting burned and losing your comfort is not what you want on your cycling experience.

Your Perfuro kit shields you from these handicaps.

The Coldfront premium jersey uses lightweight breathable Italian fabric picked for its all-over comfort feel. The fabric evenly draws heat and moisture away from the body and the large mesh sides offer flow-through ventilation to keep your body cool. The jersey offers a snug but flexible feeling that allows freedom of movement and the 50+ SPF rating shields your back against the damaging sun.

These factors guarantee a comfortable ride in your Perfuro Gear.

  1. Original design scheme
  2. Original cut for extra comfort
  3. Italian Fabric – Lightweight and Compressive wicks heat and moisture evenly.
  4. THREE large pockets plus small pocket with safety reflective zipper in the rear
  5. Great ventilation to keep you cool while on the move.
  6. 50+ SPF protection

The twin needle, flat stitching gives the jersey a detailed, but elegant look, that provides a strong connection. The flatlock inner stitch prevents twisting of the seam so that it sits flat and comfortable against the skin. The large ventilated side panels allow flow-through of air that allows the body heat to escape easily. The Coldfront Jersey has a performance cut design with extra-wide side panels that give a leaner look to the rider. It features a wider collar to protect the back of the neck from the sun.

The design art of the Coldfront collection is inspired by a red-hot summer sunset, that is soon to be cooled by a cold front, as depicted in the synoptic chart. The origin of this design is embedded in the imagery of the airflow and a cold front shifting the energy. This design signifies strength, speed and winning performance.

The design art of the Rainmap collection is inspired by the thematic elements of storms. The dark colours, the contours of rain charts and the lightning-bolt are intended to signify the Perfuro themes of strength and perseverance.