Help Pedal dc r&l ?

Well I was looking for some general around Burningman in boots / barefoot pedals in the shed and I thought WHAT are you saving those NOS Campy BMX pedals for Todd ? Am NOT going to be restoring a 70's era BMX bike EVER. May as well thrash em. SO I lost a dust cap. Somewhere out on the Playa. AM pretty sure I got some Campy D Caps SOMEWHERE but this may as well be on the moon.

So I got a MKS pedal dust cap from Milwaukee. For some reason I am getting the idea that Campy BMX pedal dust caps are Right and Left thread. Seems stupid but there it is. I can't thread on the MKS on the left side OR the Right Campy on the left neither.
Guess I should stop writhing and go get some pedals out O the shed to check. Know there IN there but can not find my Campy old record pedals.

SO L S Short are pedal dust caps R&L Thread or am I just LAME ? LTR

PS. Sorry have not been my usual posty self but alas am on the US mainland. HOPE to be back in Japan this winter.

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Saint Eddy ride for us.

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Yes and no

KS, i like that you got your team Zed on.

YES EXACTLY like those. Blu even. Think they came in gold too.

AND NO pedal dust caps at least for Campy BMX are not L&R threaded. Once I actually removed the pedal for a closer look it turned out the dust cap broke off leaving remnants blocking the female threads. I was able to ez it out with a pointy thing.

Replaced with MKS and seems MKS is better quality but not of course not as COOL as Campy. The Campy also has a tiny vent hole that MKS does not.