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Peak bagging / big hills


Maximum Pace
Jan 27, 2009
Big hills. Mountain passes. LOVE em. What goes up must come down. Up slow, down FAST. Toe Jam hill, Bainbridge island. Hurricane Ridge, Olympic mountains out of Squim. The Ollala wall, behind Al's Ollala Wa { Where I left my collar bone.} Cline, Rockwell, Sidney in PO Wa. The road up to Paradise Mt. Rainier Wa. Cayuse pass Mt. Rainier Wa. La Jolla Shores road, Lajolla San Diego Ca. And a bunch of others the names of escape me right now.
Anyway I ran into a HILL last night that just KICKED my ass. Japan, Yokosuka Navy Base. SPRUANCE DRIVE off Gridly Lane before the haunted tunnel. Anybody ever climb it ? I only made it up halfway and peeled off on a side road with a long slow grade. It is a CLIFF. Or am I just OLD ? OK OK OK I KNOW I am OLD but am I gettin FEEBLE ?

Please to recommend good climbs. TODO
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