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Parts cleaner, part deux


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Jul 26, 2008
Actually, there's no part one, so don't go searching...

While I'm not at all a MacGyver type, here are a couple things that seem to work. I do prefer citrus degreaser for bike cleaning, tho occasionally and in some spots parts cleaner (aka brake cleaner) does seem to work better.

One place it certainly does is rims/braking surfaces. But that's pretty much after everything else has been done--kind of a final touch up. And it's nice to use to wipe off the rear rim, since that's where some chain lube ends up, at least in my world.

I bought like a five-pack of extra-tall cans at the home center last fall. It seemed dirt cheap, and they've all been lined up in a row there in the gen-kan.

Tip #1: It works great on chewing gum.

I don't chew gum, but if you happen to step in some, and get it on your shoe, or worse, from there onto the carpet in your car, parts cleaner will zap chewing gum like one of those veg-o-matics process veggies. Spray a bit on, and the gum literally wipes off.

Tip #2: It kills weeds.

A while back, there was this kame-mushi just inside the gen-kan. Lacking anything else (I usually use kraft tape to stick/wrap/dispose of them), I shot it with some parts cleaner. A minute or so later, it wasn't moving, and I also didn't have some sh!t smell on my fingers.

With this in mind, a few days later, I tried it on some of the little weeds that grow out of the cracks in the concrete of our parking/garden area. Stuff that's hard to pull cleanly and completely. The short version is that it seemed to kill everything.

So, tip #3: If you have one of these in your house:


...which has panicked both your wife and 25-year-old daughter who is home for golden week, fear not. Just grab your can of parts cleaner and give it two brief zaps. (I was using a fresh can, so really brief is all that's necessary.)

It will stop moving immediately, but will writhe a little, after which you can easily pick it up with some wari-bashi and toss it out however you want.


See? A little knowledge of bike stuff can be really useful.

(and where's that emoji for a face-palm?)
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