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Parking, and locking a bike, in Enoshima


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
I don't usually hang around in Enoshima long enough to need to leave my bike unattended for any period of time, but a friend of mine plans to ride down, and have a dip before riding back.

Are there any good (safe-ish) places to lock up a bike for about an hour? Road bike, so it would need to be leaning on something - and most likely locked to that 'something' too!


Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
I seem to remember just on the other side of the bridge (on the island) there are vending machines and a covered area (?). My memory is fuzzy but I was there on New Year's day--sunrise was beautiful and highly recommended-- but totally crashed on the raised divider in the middle of the bridge.:confused:Watch out.


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Trick to locking a nice bike up.

Lock it up in a well lit or busy area where people will notice someone trying to cut your frame or lock. Use a lock that is tough and will make a casual thief just walk on by. Flexi locks can be cut easily with Shimano cable cutters.

One thing you could do is just go down to the local Koban and ask if you can lock it up at the side of thier building or to a pole close by.


Maximum Pace
Sep 3, 2009
Are you going to the "island" itself? Or are you planning on having a dip along the coast near Enoshima?

There's a wharf near the lighthouse (after you cross the bridge, left, when you see the sea wall left again, there's the lighthouse). There's plenty of people in this area (fishing), but I doubt if you can go in for a dip at this area. There are also poles and gates where you can lock up your bike here.

There's a long stretch of "beach" just before the bridge to Enoshima but the nearest locking spot (the fence) is about 200-300meters from the water.
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