Paris Roubaix


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Yes, he's got two actually. One from about 15 years ago, and one from a couple of years ago. Both Vortex. He reckons the older one is a bit stiffer. He rides them both.

He is all about raw power. The only person I've ever known to snap crank arms. His pedalling style, and he's the first to admit this, is really dirty too. So yeah, I'm sure you can go ape on the chainstays.

The fact that he can ride one the way he does and the mileage he does is one thing that appeals. Also the lifetime warranty. He's had undoubted success in climbing with a vortex. Also, it's the bike that Armstrong had labelled up as a Trek for the tour TT many moons ago. So all in all a good bike it seems.

No rush to buy one really. Just keeping an eye on ebay etc.

So you're making TI frames!? How mush do they go for!? And are they any good!?



Maximum Pace
Sep 13, 2010
Thought Cancellara did as well as he could given the circumstances and his last 5K was incredible. Would love to see what he could do if he set out to try and win one of the Grand Tours, instead of just aiming for the TT`s and acting as super-domestique.


Not always so intense! Yesterday we had two rides going out of Kashiwazaki. I chose (designed?!) the hard one. We are lucky to have some high calibre riders here like Murayama san (famous throughout Japan as Mr. Hillclimb), Tazaki san (three times Yahiko champion, Yunotani HC champion) but of course many people who just like riding their bikes.

We have quite a few organised rides / races.
You`re lucky. There has been one time trial race here this year (I think that covers the whole of Shikoku as well) and the next event is`s Kyushu...WTF!