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P.E.D. now means, `Device`

I guess birthers, 9/11 conspiracy theorists, and those who don't believe in the moon landings just gotta have something to do...

Or is Lou Dobbs involved?
This was already posted, looking in to this though a lot of riders are now using wireless PTT (Push To Talk) devices on the bikes rather than clipped to the jersey.

Some of the sprinters are opting to have them on the hoods or built in to the hoods as it doesn't require them to take their hands off the bars, not only that but it doesn't alert other teams when riders are going to make a stratigic move.
Don`t tell me you actually believe in the moon `landings`?? Sucka!

Seriously, I too assume this is crap but I got a kick out of the video - the graphics of the way the motor supposedly fits in the seat tube, with a drive shaft through the Hollowtech cranks... Made me think of when I rented one of those `assist` mama-charis last summer in Miyazaki to cruise around the town and was blown away by how much power it had...

btw what`s a `birther`?
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