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Out of Yugawara


Oct 15, 2008
I`ve been reading old threads about climbing out of Yugawara and I have some questions. I have stayed overnight there for work several times and hiked/run the hills a little. I`m thinking it would be a great place to go for my first biggish climb with my new bike. Looking at the map there seems to be two roads climbing out of the town towards the Hakone area. Both look great for riding but I see that one is a toll road, so I`m assuming bicyclles are prohibited. Can anyone comment on this? Also, I`ll be using the Tokaido line and I`m wondering why people would choose to take train to Odawara and then ride from Odawara to Yugawara when the train stops in Yugawara. Why not just take the train a few more stops? Finally, is there snow up there this time of year?
Welcome !

Davad - I rode the toll road which had zero traffic on it and was eventually yelled at by a guy in one of the yellow patrol cars. I ignored it and carried on !

Probably better not to use it if possible. Actually I really did not realise it was a toll road and this only became completely clear to me at the top once I reached the toll gates :eek:

There is no snow at the moment and I did not encounter snow when I travelled on that route in mid winter before. That said, there would likely be a covering if there is general snowfall in Tokyo however this is a comparatively rare experience, probably two or three times each winter.

I have always taken the train to Odawara and ridden from there along the coast which is a spectacular ride !

Thanks Chazzer.
I assumed the road from Odawara to Yugawara would be a traffic nightmare, with all the cars heading to Atami..?
And about that toll road - do you mean there are no toll gates until the top? I actually have no problem with accidentally bumbling on to a traffic-free mountain road that I`m not supposed to be on!
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