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Out of the frying pan . . .


Apr 6, 2013
. . . and into the fire.

Hi, all. My name is Leslie, and I'm moving to Japan this August from Orlando, FL to teach English via the JET Program. I hear it's just as hot there as it is here.

Other than trying to figure out how I'm going to get my bike to Japan (check it on the plane or ship it), I'm trying to connect with fellow cyclists and research cycling in Japan.

Any words of wisdom you have for me and cycling in Japan are greatly appreciated.

Now, off for a ride . . .



Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
Hydrate hydrate hydrate, and then hydrate more with electrolyte mixes. I'm pretty fair skinned and don't deal well with the heat here, and last year I had some major issues with dehydration and I learned the hard way that two bottles of water and a bottle of electrolyte solution is just barely enough.

Buy a travel bike box and arrange for the bike to be checked on your flight, you might pay $50-$150 for handling of the larger item, but then you can keep track of your bike.

Welcome and nice ride:)
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