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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
It has been over 2.5 years since my last crash...
Rain + steel grate under a film of water X 30 degrees angle X a slow 12kph in the dark = OUCH!

The front wheel must have gone first, closely followed by the back wheel jumping to the right as I was veering off the road to the left onto the footpath.

Went down faster than a speeding bullet. First impact was my left hip/thigh...(will be a nice bruise there). A nanosecond later my multi-injury-ridden left shoulder slammed and slided... the impact rattled my whole spine and I now feel like a sardine that has just had its spine removed before being eaten.

No rips to clothes due to the wet, no damage to the bike due to my body taking all the impact.

On the way home, I thought the lightning was going to get me, then 2 trucks tried to take me out, then a lady flying around a corner without looking, tried to get me... in the end I took myself out.

I got up as fast as possible and mounted my steed and continued home before the pain could take hold...


Should be OK!!! :warau:
... all in a day's work for a commuter. :warau:

Glad to hear you didn't get hurt! Today was a challenging day indeed: atrocious wind, torrential showers and reckless truckers. Took me an hour to clean and lubricate my rig and two cans of beer to shift into weekend mode.
it hurts more the next day! hope you don't suffer too much. My commute has shortened to 1.2 kms so in a way I'm jealous of you guys having long ways to ride.
Apart from a full-frontal with a car, all of my scrapes over the last couple of years have been when moving at a similarly slow pace - and when I think about it, also on wet ground & more often than not involving gratings or manhole covers. That's on a chunky MTB ~ so there is obviously something evil, and anti-cyclist, about that combination of factors ....
Sorry to hear about the prang Pete...gald that bike and rider are basically okay :bike:. All's well that ends well, right?
Hope there are no serious consequences today.. they tend to manifest with some delay :eek:uch:
I think this is the 1st weekend this year that I didn't ride on.
Groin feels sore. Hip still sore. Shoulder still sore. Back and neck a bit stiff.
Hurts when I roll over in bed.
Going to ride to work tomorrow anyway and hopefully that will shake out all the stiffness and pain.
What a coincidence, I had my first mishap (after two years on a road bike) last week as well.

I was just about to pull into my office Monday morning (also rainy), so I was going very slowly. A group of salarymen walked out into the street in front of me, and in steering around them I went over a manhole cover. My front wheel slipped right out from under me on the wet metal. I caught myself with my foot (no cleats), but managed to twist my shoulder somehow.

Oh well, no permanent damage to me or the bike. Hope you're feeling better!
Pete, tiger balm and a hot bath first and last thing of the day, oh and straight Jim Beam.
Pete, tiger balm and a hot bath first and last thing of the day, oh and straight Jim Beam.

Close, I had some of my son's athletic warm-up cream which burns like Tiger Balm. Had the hot baths...but Jim Beam reminds me of the time I tore my ACL while playing touch football pissed to the eyeballs... Last night I polished off a bottle of whiskey that had been sitting in the pantry fo rnearly 2 years... LAPHROAIG. One large glass half full with water and ice cubes...the rest with smokey scotch....

My thigh still stings to touch. My inner groin seems to have some tears but doesn't effect my riding. (Rode 58km today commuting). Neck & back OK. Shoulder a little sore.

Will be riding every day till payday by the looks of things...flat broke at the moment. :warau: Looks like rain tomorrow too... :eek:uch:
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