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Ouch... すごうくいたい。。。


Apr 3, 2007
Yikes... Yesterday afternoon I broke my first chain in about 10 years... :eek:uch:

Wasn't too bad though - only a 500円 coin sized raspberry on my knee and a bit of road rash on the shin... Much better from the last time it happened - group ride on a climb out of the saddle and たま got introduced to the top tube.. :eek: :eek: :eek: 3 weeks convalescing before I could get back on the saddle...

Has this happened to many of you & care to share your stories ???

I guess the stock 105 chain isn't up to the kind of force this clyde can exert so I went ahead and ordered 2 Wipperman Nickel plated chains....

I was getting upset because I thought that that I may need to take a rest day today then I woke up this morning to my wife saying ゆきがけいこふていりますwhen she looked out the window. So with all the slushy mess out on the streets I can rest without the guilt...

Ouch indeed.
Never broken a chain myself. With Shimano chains you absolutely must use the special joining pins when you fit or re-fit the chain, otherwise it's a ticking time bomb!
Speedy recovery...
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