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Otoge North side?

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
Has anyone been on the north side of Otoge recently? I've a yearning to get over that mountain before winter sets in, but I'm not so keen on going out and back from Otsuki.

I don't mind a few rocks and stuff in the way. But if it's going to be no fun at all I won't bother!

Any recent sightings much appreciated.

--HF Mike--
I have not been for about half a year, but bearing any unexpected changes, it should be passable to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of stones and stuff in places. I've always been able to ride through it up or down without dismounting. I would recommend though cycling up the North side and down the South side because when you go up, the debris is less annoying when you go down, and the South side has been relatively clean lately.

BTW, I have recently done some cyclocrossing around Otoge, discovering a couple of "new" rindos:


That rindo going up to Yunozawa Toge is barely passable, and the remaining bit is a hiking trail - which made it all the more exciting.
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