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Sold! Orbea Odin Top of the Line Road Helmet, Like New!!


Maximum Pace
Nov 30, 2013
As a bike rider, friends and family members give me gloves, socks, but every once in a while--a helmet--in fact, I got two within the last half year or so. I just don't need them, so I am moving them along.

This one is an Orbea Odin, size Medium--I wear a size 56 and it fits me well, some room above and below this (Orbea says between 54-58). It has been in production since 2011--this one was purchased NEW at the beginning of this year (retail is $199), and has been worn TWICE. It is thus used, but barely.

It is a gray white--looks great--but I already have a very similar helmet. The nylon straps and strap cover are particularly soft and comfortable, as is the Cool Max padding--heavily ventilated as well (25 vents). Please note that these photos are actually in COLOR, showing the true gray white helmet against a gray fabric background.

My price is Y7,500, which includes FREE shipping to anywhere in Japan, paid via Bank Wire Transfer.

I will accept trades on my helmets--a pair of decent new clincher road tires would be fine, or a pair of decent brake calipers (105 or better (Shim, Campy, Sram all OK))--I foolishly gave away a pair that I should have held onto--can't think of anything else I might need. I have sold 5 or 6 bikes here.

The trade offer is for folks who have a history here--newbies would need to send items first, and upon receipt, I send the helmet. I will of course listen to your best offer. Let me know if you have questions.

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