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Opinions on a class vetrax MTB wheels ?


Speeding Up
Jul 29, 2012
Hi cyclists, on our today's trip my front wheel (mavic crossride UB 2008) got caught in a crack in the road, the hub flange broke around mount area for one spoke, I managed to fix the wheel on the spot and continue the ride (for 50 more km's).
Obviously now I need a new wheel (unless someone has a spare crossride front hub :) ).
I'm looking for 20-30000 JPY for a set of MTB rim brake wheels, and I can either buy another set of crossride (this time model 2012), but I also saw similarly priced wheels A-class (built by well-known alex rims company it seems) - also in a similar weight category (looking for something around 800gram on the front.

Do you have any opinions on those a-class wheels ?

So far my bet is on mavic (they just won another lifelong customer since I realized how strong their wheels are to survive one spoke (hub) crash and still let me continue the trip - including braking front), but for the sake of completeness I'd like to see how does the competition line up.

Just as a warning: we went to Sagamiko, and had a planned route back to Tokyo, around one mountain we encountered "no entry" gates (mostly due to rock slides), we did continue on (walking for most part), when the road got relatively free of rocks I jumped on the bike and not long later I ended up with the wheel in one of the cracks (barely visible due to leaves and mud).

For convenience of route planners, I have market this "no entry" segment in Strava here: http://app.strava.com/activities/20435813?segment_created=true#366866822

Pictures here: http://kubatyszko.com/kuba/sagamiko/



Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
I've built up alot of Alex rim wheels - they are quite good. VXD6's go for about 35,000 yen in Japan - though you can buy them from e-tailers cheaper. Mavic is always a good choice due to the price / parts here in Japan. And of course the Shimano MT65's are good bet, too. All those are in the price range you suggest.
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