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OPEN Cycle U.P. Gravel Plus (by Gerard Vroomen)


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008

The OPEN Cycle U.P. (Unbeaten Path) frame set comes from the rather new Swiss company of Cervelo Co-founder, Gerard Vroomen, and former BMC CEO, Andy Kessler. It's an extremely well engineered frame with meticulous attention to detail and finish as you would expect.

The idea behind the OPEN Cycle bike company is to stay small and build great bikes. No advertising, nothing gimmicky, just high-end / high-quality bikes you'll love to ride. They only make two frames - the U.P. and the One+ (a super-light cross-country hard tail). The U.P. continues to gather a lot of press (and fans) in the US and Europe. It's really taking off. CYCLISM is now introducing it to Japan as the exclusive distributor. Want it? TCC Member's will receive a 15% discount using code 'OPENUP15' at checkout on www.cyclism.jp only.

Why the name Gravel Plus?

Because it does more than gravel. The U.P. is a high-end performance oriented frame designed for gravel racing, cyclo-cross and adventure single track riding. It's quick. This frameset has clearance for 700 x 42mm CX wheels or 650B MTB 2.1 inch wheels all while keeping the same geometry. The chain stays are compliant in the Cervelo style, a flat(ish) down tube to make it stiff where it needs to be, and a BB386 to make it compatible with virtually and crank.

To summarize in bike speak, this frame is a blast to ride, especially with MTB wheels. My other bikes are going to see a bit less time on the road.

'This is my favorite sort of machine, all the best bits of a mountain bike with all the best bits of a road or cyclo-cross bike - fast and playful...With a vast array of wheel and tire sizes to fit, the U.P. can be adapted to suit whatever your kind of tarmac/gravel/trail you might be into...swap tires and you've got at least three bikes in one.' (Joe Burt, road.cc)


12905288_1719411721638085_844108887_n.jpg 11374330_1690057564540505_1401852131_n.jpg 12353966_889062987809886_477807674_n.jpg Open-U.P-Award-CB-1140x760_1024x1024.jpg 1442975900096-12ehmdltec8o6-960-540.jpg Optimized-mgasch_TPREEB15_150821_mgasch_OPENEB15_150821__GAS1595_1024x1024.jpg Optimized-mgasch_OPENEB15_150822__GAS2249_1024x1024.jpg IMG_1124.jpg IMG_1098.jpg
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Yes, that`s right. Have a look at our website for more details. Our test bike will be back in a week or two and you are more than welcome to try it. Plus there is a discount as well for TCC members.

Is there a way to test ride one? I don't live in Tokyo, but I am there regularly for business, and I could stop by the shop just for that.
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