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Sep 13, 2010
Hello TCC....I am brand new to Tokyo and trying to find my way into the training and racing scene (road). Lots of info on your site through the discussions and blogs - many thanks.
I hope to venture out of the city soon but for now I'm learning about close-to-home possibilities. I understand there is a Sunday gathering at Ooi-Futo every week....does anyone know the typical time?...any other details to know?
Many thanks...hope to meet many of you out on the road soon, Mark
Lots of groups...from as early as 5:30 through to noon. Just turn up, follow, join little groups at the right speed and jump onto faster groups if you feel up to it.

Sometimes there are many people sometimes not. You will find a lot training for the Saiko race coming up in Nov possible 2 or 3 weeks before hand. (end of Oct)
Thanks....and I received a pm from one of our guys that meets over there with a group. All set.

Saiko race?....
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