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Ontake Hill Climb


Feb 4, 2009
I can't actually do this myself as its the same weekend as Niijima triathlon, but has anyone experience of this event?


Looks like a decent climb, 1290m ascent. I'm sure the climb is worth a visit, even if not on the race/self discovery weekend.

ps my new weapon of choice is almost ready to be unveiled to TCC. A first stealth mission into the westerly hills was made recently, with very successful results. :bike3:
和田峠 1BC 28m 45s
和田峠 1AD 24m 20s (can do better - into headwind, ice on road)
Andy, I've never done it but it sure looks interesting. Perhaps it could become a TCC official event? Thanks for posting the link and please post pics of your new bike when you're ready to reveal all:D
I'm not gonna be around for the actual event, but I'd be down for a ride up the mountain. Anybody else interested?
Jeez, looks like Mt Fuji hill climb is full already, applications only opened on the 1st March!!


I really wanted to enter this event this year! :(

Ok, this means I really need to apply for Norikura hill climb immediately, or else I'll have to start up the 1st "International TCC Discover yourself in Tomin no mori hill climb" and set the closing date after I have applied to my own event. It seems the only way i'll get to apply with success for a hill climb event in Japan.
Don`t worry.
Click on English and enter as a foreigner!
I know someone who did this last year.
Don`t worry.
Click on English and enter as a foreigner!
I know someone who did this last year.

Playing the gaijin card might just work - if you send them an email, at the bottom of the page http://www.fujihc.jp/english.html they will return a password protected word document.

I filled it in, returned it to them, and so far they responded saying my application was received, so hopefully this means it will be accepted. Speedy response at least, I'll let you know if I get a definite acceptance later.

Just did the same myself.
I'm giving this a crack right now - will report if it works for me , too!
Welll - this is what I got. So typical in Japan. WTF can't anyone here configure their mail services properly. It reminds me of the joke ... 3guys were in a sento... I'll guess I'll have to send a fax, and then a copy of my Bank 'passbook' . Sheesh..

This Message was undeliverable due to the following reason:

The user(s) account is temporarily over quota.

<[email protected]>

Final-Recipient: RFC822;
Action: failed
Status: 4.2.2
X-Actual-Recipient: RFC822; <[email protected]>
> GSAstuto
I got same error message from the server.
I called the Fuji HC division directly by phone and it worked. ;) try this.

Btw, how will you guys carry the bike to Fuji?
I wouldn't say that it was typical Japan as I've had the same happen to me when applying for the MTB national champs in the UK at the last minute.

They've proabably had a lot of last minute entries role in that have filled thier mail boxes, if this is to a biz address and not personal then they won't get it cleared until Monday.

Also another thing to remember that these are amature races, organised by ordinary people.... not some major body or organisation like the BR catergory races so man power is probably very limited and they are dealing with an event that will host 5000 riders..... I think they are doing pretty good to be honest!
I`m! not so sure. 5000 riders @ ¥8,000.... Thats ¥40 million!!!:eek: Thats a decent budget with a healthy profit for someone too!

However, I did this last year and found it to be very well organized.
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