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One week in June in Japan - Where to go?


Apr 24, 2010
Hello Everyone,

I will be cycling through Korea and then Japan during June and I was wondering if you had any recommendations about where to go in Japan. I will have about 1 week, starting on June 16 or so. My main fear is getting stuck in a week of rain.

My first thought was to cycle part of the "Length of Japan" route on japancycling.org: from Onomichi, across the bridges to Imabari, along the coast to Takamatsu, and then around Shodo Island. Then I would head to Tokyo to explore and return home. This seems like a nice place to begin cycling as the ferry from Busan would land somewhat near this path. But I am worried it will be cloudy and rainy the whole time. (I have attached little maps of this route)

My other thought was to fly or take a very long train trip to Hokkaido, bike around there for a few days, and then return to Tokyo for my flight. It seems like this would give me better weather but be very costly in dollars and wasted time on the train!

What do you guys recommend? I've never been even close to Japan so I'm in a bit over my head! I am looking to see nice sights, meet cool people. explore smaller towns/cities, and avoid congestion and smog.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. I posted something similar on japancycling.org, I'm sorry if that's not allowed.


Speeding Up
Oct 9, 2008
It probably won't rain all week, but you will for sure hit rain on some days.

If you are flying in from outside Japan, why not book through to Hokkaido and cycle there. Should be a great season, and hopefully that extra leg doesn't cost any extra.

Cheers, Ludwig
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