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One more GW Wed Ride


Feb 4, 2009
It seems like everyone is touring Japan this golden week, which is great, but Ive been exploring new toges myself in the near distant hills the last few days (Yanagisawa and Daibosaturei toge were both massive!) and tomorrow is one more Golden opportunity to tick another one off the list.

Except I dont know what its called?

Its route 24 from Tsuru city to Doshi, around 500m climb?

I plan to leave Musashi Itsukaichi 8:30am, if anyone is in town. Then up Kazuhari rindo and over Matsuhime toge.

http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/kasahari -> matsuhime -> doshi village/713127295682340483
Andy, I think it's called dousaka toge, but as I left my map in the rental car to Kusatsu I'm not 100% certain. I've ridden it many times as it's on the Tour de Christoph route. It's a nice climb, although you may find yourself day dreaming towards the top as it seems to go on forever. I was thinking of joining you but from my place it's easier to get to Takao station. Enjoy:D
Mike well remembered, dousaka tunnel / toge it is. The climb wasnt bad, no steep sections and the descent to Doushi was really nice. My first time up the north side of Matsuhime toge, again gentle slopes and easy climbing, but the southern descent had too many corners to be enjoyable for my liking. That is, down to the dam at least, after the dam its certainly faster.

I wasn't ready for the mini heat wave in Otsuki though ! Officially 29.8 degrees, and I stopped at a garage along the road, the thermometer read 32 degrees. I really felt like getting the train at Otsuki, but after glucose and caffeine injection and a small rest out of the 1pm sun, I felt alive again and completed the route as planned.

Cycling in Japan is great, I never would consider a 185km ride on my own in the UK, but the roads are so smooth, scenery fantastic and when the Koinoburi are pointing your way down the Doshi michi, its great to be out on the roads!
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