One for the Off-Roaders


Maximum Pace
Jan 30, 2007
Hello all,
This Sunday (10th June) I will be riding the trails at Hinode. Start point is Mushashi-Itsukaichi station.
Start time will be 9am.

Of course, most TCCers are road-bikers, but if there are some MTBers, feel free to join me if:
  1. You're in shape - the ride climbs from 200m to 700m on a tarmac road, with a further climb to 900m on a rooty path; and;
  2. You have good bike-handling skills. The descent is rocky and rooty with some fair-sized steps and drops

Not wishing to make this ride exclusive, but the course is really only suitable for experienced bikers.



Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Sounds good. Wish I was as able a rider as you are...

1) I'm never really in bike riding shape till I lose more weight.
2) Not sure if my bad knee would like to come off going downhill on my MTB.

I need to do a few MTB off road rides....however I won't come along to slow you down.

My MTB stats are on this thread: SCOTT REFLEX

I haven't taken it off road all that much. A bit of stairwell charging and running the reeds down by EDO river...

Don't know my MTBs all that well....