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One day in Tokyo...


Feb 25, 2008
Hi folks, I'm a road racer (big on cyclocross also) from New York. I'm living in Taiwan (Taipei) for two months with my friend and we are coming to Japan for a few days next week. I have one day in Tokyo on my own (Saturday March 1st) and trying to do two things, looking for some advice/recommendations. First.. would really like to check out a large bike shop, with a good clothing department, maybe try to pick up some unique Jersey or something. Second.. I'm also thinking of trying to go see some Keirin racing... mostly out of curiousity.... maybe here: http://www.lucky-kagetsukun.com/index.shtml anyone have any advice on this.. or recommend a different place? I have the whole day free so it's fine if I have to travel around a bit. I'm believe I'll be staying near the Ikeburo station.. I've never been to Japan before. Also totally up for doing this with anyone who wants to go out to either that day. Also happy to share any ride/shop info I can about Taipei or New York.
Tokyo shops...

Hello "flatbread",
I don't think there are any rides happening in/around Tokyo this weekend, but if you want to check out bike-shops, I'd recommend "Nalsima" - Pronounced "Narushima"
(*Note: The bikes are downstairs, and the clothes are upstairs!)

They somehow seem to have a lot of "sponsorship" from quite a few makers, so they get their stock cheap - and hence, sell it a little cheaper than a lot of other places - Also, they have a great range of various products!

BTW, I'd give the "Keirin" thing a miss - Last week, a friend told me that it's not so exciting, and it's long way out of town - It's only interesting if you're into gambling.

Hope this helps.
Enjoy your stay in Tokyo! T

Thanks, I'll check out the shop.. sounds cool.. and maybe take your advice on the keirin.. I don't have that many days here and don't want to spend all my time on trains.. good to know..
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